Shared mobility in Europe: 285 services and 280,000 vehicles across 16 cities studied

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Berlin has the largest supply of self-service electric scooters in Europe.

Shared mobility services are becoming increasingly popular, with some 280,000 self-service vehicles now available across Europe's major cities. Berlin and Paris together account for more than a third of this offer. The German capital offers mostly electric scooters, while bikes make up the majority in Paris.

In the form of cars, mopeds, bikes and scooters, shared mobility is booming all over Europe. No less than 285 services are now listed across the 16 major cities studied by the Fluctuo startup (not including Amsterdam). Berlin has the most operators (24), just ahead of Madrid and Bordeaux (23), Paris, Milan and Hamburg (21).

With statistics ending in September 2021, Fluctuo's latest European shared mobility index shows a total of 280,000 shared vehicles across these cities, an increase of 4% in just three months. Berlin and Paris stand out as the cities with by far the largest offer, with nearly 50,000 vehicles each. Note that while in Berlin, scooters make up the majority, in Paris, it's bicycles that are the most numerous. However, in terms of the number of inhabitants, Oslo has the best European average, with just under 250 shared vehicles per 10,000 residents, most of which are scooters.

Paris has the largest number of self-service bicycles, ahead of London and Milan. Berlin leads the way when it comes to scooters, ahead of Stockholm and Hamburg. When it comes to mopeds, Barcelona has the most, followed by Paris and Berlin. Finally, car-sharing is most popular in Paris, Berlin and Hamburg.

This European index was compiled by Fluctuo, a startup specializing in the collection, processing and analysis of data from shared mobility services.

David Bénard

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