Sharing your Apple Wallet passes is about to get a lot easier in the next iPhone update

 IPhone 15 family back angled corner closeup.
IPhone 15 family back angled corner closeup.

If you’re a fan of the NameDrop feature that quickly lets you share your contact info with another iPhone user then we have great news. The next iOS 17 update will include an upgrade that’ll let you share movie tickets, boarding passes, and other digital tickets stored in your Apple Wallet.

Once update iOS 17.2 rolls out the process of sharing via this NameDrop-like feature will be super simple. Just open the Wallet app, tap on the ticket or pass you want to share, press your iPhone against the iPhone you’re sharing with, and hit the Share button that appears on the screen (via MacRumors).

The feature has been in beta testing for a little while through the iOS public test channel, but when iOS 17.2 launches properly it will become available for all iPhone users (well, the ones that can run the latest OS). If you can’t upgrade to iOS 17, but the features on offer are making you want it, it might be time to pick up a new best iPhone.

Simple and convenient

The ability to share passes between Apple Wallets isn’t new – previously you’ve been able to share your tickets through email, messages, and regular AirDrop – but this NameDrop-like approach has a few benefits.

First, because you have to physically press your iPhones together it’s easier to understand and control who will and won’t receive the file, and know what you’re being sent. If you’ve ever tried to share and receive AirDrop files in a public place you know it can sometimes become a minefield if you aren’t careful.

Two hands holding iPhones next to each other using the NameDrop feature in iOS 17
Two hands holding iPhones next to each other using the NameDrop feature in iOS 17

What’s more, this feature doesn’t rely on your phone having access to WiFi or your carrier’s network – unlike sending via iMessage or email. This means when you’re waiting in line for a concert or at the airport and your signal drops out for whatever reason you can still share the tickets.

When iOS 17.2 arrives it won’t just bring this Wallet update, the Messages, and Weather apps will also get improvements, the Journal app will launch, and iPhone 15 Pro spatial video recording will finally leave early access – giving everyone the chance to record 3D video for the Apple Vision Pro, and the Meta Quest 3 if you want to put some work in.

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