Shark Helmets Previews Look of its 2019 Brand-New Color Schemes

Martin Aguilar

Helmets save lives, which is why you should always wear one when you’re riding a motorcycle. In line with this, Shark Helmets released an early preview of three brand-new color schemes ahead of the unveiling of its 2019 collection. The three color schemes released by Shark Helmets are the following: Spartan Carbon – Priona (photo shown above), D-Skwal – Kanhji, and Skwal 2 – Oliveira.

Spartan Carbon – Priona

This helmet is said to be developed with advanced safety features and is aerodynamically designed, making it an all-around riding helmet. It also comes with the brand’s new Priona design that gives the helmet a glossy finish.

D-Skwal – Kanhji

The D-Skwal helmet features an optimized ventilation and ‘autoseal’ system which is used to flatten the visor onto the helmet. The said helmet is also developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology which allows Shark to create better soundproofing and seals for the D-Skwal helmet.   

Skwal 2 – Oliveira

The Skwal 2 is integrated with replica graphics of Moto2 rider Miguel Oliveira. This helmet is equipped with LED system, complimented by the bright new colors that highlight the aerodynamic lines of the helmet.

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