Shark kills fisherman off New Caledonia

A fisherman has been killed by a bull shark in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia, police said, days after a boy had his leg bitten off in another shark attack. Police and a coroner had been sent to the Belep islands, northwest of the archipelago's main island, where the man was struck Wednesday while fishing for sea cucumbers with three other fishermen. The incident comes after an attack Saturday in which a 10-year-old boy had his leg and part of his pelvis torn off by a 3.5-metre (11-foot) bull shark, which was killed by the authorities. The boy was attacked while swimming at a marina in Noumea, near his family's boat. He was in a serious condition in hospital at Koutio. Bull sharks are regarded as the most dangerous species of shark. Two people were killed in shark attacks off New Caledonia in 2016. Experts say shark attacks are increasing as water sports become more popular, although fatalities are rare. Worldwide there were five fatal attacks in 2018, according to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File which investigated 130 incidents last year, including 66 confirmed unprovoked attacks. The figure is in line with the global average of six deadly attacks a year. New Caledonia, which boasts the world's largest enclosed lagoon with magnificent coral, is a popular tourist destination.

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