Shawn Dou to replace Ethan Ruan in "To the Fore"

Shawn Dou to replace Ethan Ruan in "To the Fore"

21 Jun – Following Ethan Ruan's departure from Dante Lam's sports film, "To the Fore" due to his knee injury. It was recently revealed that the production company has finally found his replacement in the form of Chinese-Canadian actor, Shawn Dou.

According to Oriental Daily, the 25-year-old actor who won recognition in the film industry after starring in Zhang Yimou's "The Love of the Hawthorne Three", has already started his intensive training for the movie.

The actor's daily schedule consists of high-intensity workouts, distance riding and dieting under the supervision of a professional trainer, a routine he does without fail seeing that the production is already in its final stage of preparation.

Determined to show his ability, Shawn jokingly said, "I came to work without any fear of death!"

"Since the director wants us to show realistic competitive conditioning and riding techniques, the coach would continuously specify every detail of our riding during the training," said the actor.

Shawn added that the actors were asked to get into a lean shape in order to achieve an aerodynamic effect.

Shawn also admitted that he sustained several injuries on his knees and arms while training outdoors, but insisted on continuing with the hellish training.

"The injury only serves as a motivation for me," said the actor.