Shawn Mendes says he's 'overwhelmed' in candid new message to fans

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Shawn Mendes opened up about his struggle to be his truest self.

On Tuesday, the 23-year-old singer took to Twitter to share a screenshot of a note with fans where he revealed he has been feeling unsure about how to be the most authentic version of himself.

Mendes, who recently split from his longtime girlfriend Camila Cabello, said he feels as though his purpose in life is to "tell the truth" and "be the truth" but admitted that it "feels like that's a hard thing to do."

Shawn Mendes red carpet photos
Shawn Mendes shared a candid message to his fans on Twitter. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

"I'm afraid that if people know and see the truth, they might think less of me. They might become bored of me," he told fans. "So in those moments of feeling low, I either put on a show or hide."

Mendes continued by telling fans that his "current" truth is that he "constantly feels like he's either flying or drowning" and wondered whether or not the feeling was typical of someone in their 20s.

"The truth is I really do wanna show up in the world as my 100%, true, honest, unique self and not care what anyone thinks — sometimes I do," he continued. "Sometimes I really don't care what people think and I feel free. Most of the time it's a struggle though. That's my truth."

Despite his success, the Canadian singer said he finds it "hard to not feel like I'm failing" and told fans that he feels "overwhelmed and overstimulated."

Mendes assured fans that while he is struggling with this, he is "OK" and hoped that his current state "might resonate with some people."

The star's message was quickly met with supportive comments who told Mendes that they often feel the same way.

Shawn Mendes mental health
Mendes told fans he feels like he's either "flying or drowning." (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic )

"Resonates with me, dude," one Twitter user replied. "I’m turning 38 this weekend, blessed to have my life, but it's hard to take off my 'grass is greener' glasses and throw the 'who gives a sh—' switch. I appreciate this passage."

"I felt so much comfort reading this," a commenter wrote.

"It’s completely normal to feel afraid about what people will think/feel about you. But sometimes you just gotta say f—- it and allow yourself to be the real you," someone else chimed in. "You don’t realize how much allowing yourself to be the real you will inspire others."

"Thank you so much for being so candid and open about how you're feeling," someone else penned. "As someone in my 20s too, I constantly feel like I have no clue what I'm actually doing and care too much about what people think of me. It's normal! Know that you're not alone, and be kind to yourself."

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