Shawn Yue happy with new love

Shawn Yue happy with new love

23 Mar – It does not matter what others are saying, Shawn Yue revealed that he is currently very happy with his life and relationship with singer Kary Ng.

Groove Asia reported that while at the press conference of his new movie, "SDU: Sex Duties Unit" on 20 March, Shawn's cast mate Chapman To made fun of the former's controversial London trip with his lady love, stating, "I congratulate Shawn on his new life and a successful expedition every day!"

To this, the actor was all smiles and stated that he is not mad about people making fun of his romance, stating that lately he is very happy.

Earlier, his new girlfriend Kary Ng revealed that the actor called her every day. When teased about his supposedly huge phone bill, Shawn light-heartedly answered, "Not really. Now that we have the internet, we use WeChat."

Meanwhile, fresh from their collaboration in "Vulgaria", director Pang Ho Cheung teamed up with his favourite stars Chapman To and Shawn Yue to produce "SDU: Sex Duties Unit", a story revolving around Hong Kong's Special Duties Units through the ups and downs of both their high-risk jobs, and their more debauched personal lives.

The tone is definitely similar to Pang's previous work, particularly "Vulgaria" and "Men Suddenly In Black", and is scheduled to hit Hong Kong screens this summer.