She said, he said: ‘Paskal’ actor Ammar Alfian, wife take to Instagram over alleged cheating

Mark Ryan Raj
Nelissa Nezam hit back at her husband for calling her a liar, as she revealed details in their WhatsApp conversations. — Pictures via Instagram/nelissanezam and ammar_alfian

PETALING JAYA, May 23 — Malaysian actor Ammar Alfian’s ongoing marital dispute with his wife Nelissa Nezam continues to heat up as both parties take their own stance on this issue.

The 32-year-old actor, famous for his role in the movie Paskal, was accused of cheating by his wife, Nelissa, who he has been married to for the past three years and is six months pregnant with his child.

Initially, Ammar had refuted claims that he was having an affair, labelling those claims as "slander".

“People were out to slander me. My wife believed them, but she has apologised for what she said."

“I have forgiven her, just as I have forgiven those people,” said Ammar in an Instastory two days ago, which was later deleted.

He then went on to say that he is now choosing to be silent on the matter and called on social media users who “did not know the truth” to stop spreading rumours.

This came after his wife Nelissa got the attention of social media users when she publicly announced her marital troubles with Ammar on Instagram two days ago.

“...unfortunately I found out my husband of three years cheated on me while I was six months pregnant with his child,” said Nelissa in the post.

She later apologised for publicising such a private matter and said that she had done it out of the anger and hurt that she felt.

However, after reading numerous articles in which her husband labelled the accusations of his infidelity to be untrue, Nelissa took to social media again to call him out.

In a series of Insta-stories, which were later deleted, Nelissa showed her displeasure with her husband for twisting the story and making it seem like she was a liar.

In the deleted Insta-story, she said that she did not need him to “maafkan” (forgive) her, and that he should be more worried about getting his own forgiveness for what he had done.

“Stop playing the victim,” she added.

She even attached a couple of screenshots of her conversations with Ammar about the controversy in her deleted Insta-stories.

Nelissa Nezam’s deleted screenshots of her conversation with her husband on his reaction to his alleged affair. — Instagram/ nelissanezam
Nelissa Nezam’s deleted screenshots of her conversation with her husband on his reaction to his alleged affair. — Instagram/ nelissanezam

The messages clearly showed Ammar apologising for lying, as he plainly states that “I lied” and “I am a liar” in the WhatsApp conversation.

He went on to say that he should have admitted his faults earlier to his wife but had instead hoped for the third party in the affair to do it for him instead.

Having stated her case, his wife said that she would no longer leave any comments regarding this matter in the final post of the Insta-stories, which ended with her saying:

“The truth will always prevail”.

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