Shen Xing's boyfriend arrested for breaking and entering

Shen Xing's boyfriend arrested for breaking and entering

2 Sep – The boyfriend of Phoenix TV's Shen Xing, was arrested by the police for breaking and entering, as well as for being in possession of a prohibited weapon.

According to a report on The Standard, the man in question, a wealthy 42-year-old businessman by the name of Li Jun, was reportedly suspicious that his celebrity girlfriend was being unfaithful with another man. He then flew to Hong Kong in his private jet to catch her in the act.

Li went straight to Shen's Kowloon Tong residence on 28 August but was told that she wasn't home. He then made another attempt on 31 August, but Shen, who was at home at the time, refused to open the door.

It was reported that the angry Li asked his driver to smash his seven-seater vehicle against the outer wall so he could climb over. He also allegedly smashed the glass of the French window on the balcony to get to Shen's lover, another businessman named Wu Jian.

However, the assault was seen on CCTV cameras by the residential security guard and the police came to arrest him. His driver, known as Chan, was also detained for investigation.

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old Phoenix TV personality has been treated at Caritas Medical Centre for minor injuries on her hand and feet.