Sheryl Underwood shows off 95-pound weight loss on 'The Talk': 'I've made significant life changes. I was not healthy.'

Sheryl Underwood is finding a new groove.

To ring in her 59th birthday, The Talk co-host showed off her figure on Friday’s episode, during which she opened up to the studio audience about the emotional journey it took to get here.

"This is my birthday body," she said. "As you all know, I've lost 95 pounds and I've made significant life changes. I was not healthy, and I want to live a long, long time and I want to be sitting on this stage a long, long time. So, I worked hard with my doctors. I did what I needed to do, and I just wanted to be able to put on a very stylish, but clingy dress to symbolize all the work that I put in.”

Making the moment extra sweet, Underwood decided to do something she says she’s never done in the history of the show.

"Now I'm about to do something that I have never done on this show since I’ve been on The Talk, and I haven't done it in about 25 to 30 years. I'm about to cross my legs." she said. "This is how you all do it!"

Adds Underwood, "You got to do the lifestyle change, it's not just one thing. It's everything that … can change your life."

Opening up even further in an interview with People, Underwood explained that process of losing weight was "really hard," but it was all worth it.

"I knew I was gaining weight. I could see it, and I knew that something was happening with my health," she told the publication. "And for the years that I've been here, you can go back through all of the footage, you've never seen me cross my legs."

"It felt amazing," she explained of crossing her legs for the first time on the show. "Natalie, Amanda, and I, we're sisters in this, and I just wanted to do what I see them doing. So now we call it 'the Natalie.'"

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