'She's helped me through so many things': Jennifer Lopez's surprising influence on Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella has had her fair share of ups and downs — but Jennifer Lopez has helped her through it all.

The WWE Superstar said during the “Body Positive Besties: Supporting Each Other in Our Journey panel at theCURVYcon on Saturday that Lopez, a singer, actress, mom, and so much more, has been a source of inspiration from a young age just as much as sports has been. “Since middle school, I’ve been like, ‘Well, J.Lo did it.’ So when I do something and J.Lo’s done it, it just makes me feel like she gives me a lot of confidence,” she said. “She’s helped me through so many things, but also with sports when I accomplish a goal, like whoa!” 

Nia Jax, fellow Total Diva who was also on hand, chimed in and praised Bella about her time on Dancing With the Stars and how seeing her pal succeed inspired her. “Watching that rigorous training and how many dances you had to learn, I was like ‘Damn, Nikki’,” says Jax, “I would tell her, ‘You are an inspiration!’”

Taking in the compliment, Bella called the experience “insane.” “It was harder than wrestling!” On many occasions, the lifelong athlete admitted it was tougher than being in the ring. “I’m like, ‘How is beating up women and slamming them on a mat easier than dancing?’” Going back to her dancing, the Bella twin said she needed a bit of liquid courage to get on national television for her big samba number. “I had to chug a glass of champagne before I went out and did that dance.”

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