Shia Ulema calls for inclusive Afghan government

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Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund during his Pakistan visit in 1999. He was the foreign minister of Afghanistan then. (Picture/Reuters)
Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund during his Pakistan visit in 1999. He was the foreign minister of Afghanistan then. (Picture/Reuters)

Kabul [Afghanistan], September 8 (ANI): The Shia Ulema Council has called for an inclusive government in Afghanistan in which Shia Muslims will be represented and the rights of all minorities will be respected.

After the fall of the Republic of Afghanistan, the Taliban on Tuesday formed the interim "Islamic Emirate", appointing hardliners in its new government who oversaw the 20-year fight against the US-led military coalition.

The cabinet members consist of many Taliban figures that are considered hardliners. The list announced by chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid was dominated by members of the group's old guard, with no women included.

"Our demands should be taken seriously. We want honorable officials, Jafari Jurisprudence (Shia school) should be recognized," said Ayatullah Salehi Mudaras, a member of the Shia Ulema, as quoted by TOLO News. This comes after a large gathering was held by the Shia Ulema on Tuesday.

Another member of Shia Ulema said that nobody should be deprived of his or her political and sectarian rights. "We want equal opportunity, without discrimination." The participants further called for the equal treatment of ethnicities in Afghanistan.

"For the duration of their government, they (Taliban) need nation-building. As we have heard, there is disagreement within the Taliban, this caused us to be concerned. They should solve the problem," said Hameed Muhsini, a member of the council.

A group of women who took part in the meeting called for women to be part of the government. Marzia Kazimi, a women's rights activist, said: "Women must have a part in the new government."

Separately, the IRGC-Quds Force Commander Brig. General Esmail Qaani, in a closed session on September 7 of the Parliament, briefed about the latest situation in Afghanistan.

Qaani, highlighting the US defeat in Afghanistan, said that Shias of Afghanistan are important to Iran, and Tehran is trying to resolve the Afghan issue by pursuing an inclusive government. (ANI)

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