Shiseido’s 'Sensing Shoes' can tell how smelly your feet are

Shiseido’s Sensing Shoes can tell how smelly your feet are. Photo: Shiseido

Other than smartphones and smartwatches, it seems that society now is even moving into “smart shoes”. Shoes that will literally tell you when your feet are in dire need of a washing? That’s right. That is exactly what Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido’s “Sensing Shoes” can do.

Developed by Shiseido’s deodorant department “Ageodeo 24”, Sensing Shoes are made to detect foot odour. As the shoes are linked to your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed – your shoes will discreetly let you know your feet are smelly.

Screenshot: YouTube

The sensor is attached under the shoe tongue. By measuring the smelliness and humidity, it will calculate the “Smell Level” and display the results on the mobile app. On the top side of the shoe tongue is a design by the shoes’ brand “Blueover”. There is no plan to sell this product, but Sensing Shoes will be on display in Osaka’s Blueover store, from 1 to 7 December 2017.

The intention of the development comes from the fact that people tend to not notice their own odour, and do not go to the extent of taking care of their foot smell. Although you cannot buy the Sensing Shoes now, Shiseido has launched a product that reflects the development of the shoes: Deodorant foot cream. It can help you keep foot odour at bay for now!

Screenshot: YouTube


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