Shocking videos from Singapore in 2013

·Nurul Azliah Aripin
There several videos from Singapore that have definitely shocked the nation this year. (Getty Images)

Remember the man who spit at a lady at Woodland’s bus interchange? Or the “samurai” who scared MRT train commuters?
The viral videos of the incidents definitely shocked Singapore this year. Now take a look back at what happened to them and other events that made a big impression on the general public.
Commuter captures Singapore spitting dispute

 He spat at the lady, shouted at her, walked to another lady and tried harassing her by snapping a photo with his phone. A commuter captured the whole scene involving the man, Juraimi Kamaludin, 47, on video while at Woodlands’ bus interchange in October. The video of the incident garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube. Juraimi was later charged for public nuisance due to his aggressive behavior and remanded to the Institute of Mental Health.
Singapore authorities chase ‘subway samurai’

We’re not sure which one is more amusing in this video: the running “samurai” wielding a sword at Victoria Street, or the five police officers looking like they were jogging more than giving him chase. But it was a bizarre moment nevertheless when MRT commuters saw the man in his hakama outfit and sword on the train earlier this month. The man, Peter Chua Teck Choon, 39, has since been arrested and charged with possessing a scheduled weapon. The man is reportedly a swordfighting teacher at a martial arts school near Lavendar MRT.
Haze crisis in Singapore                                        

The haze crisis in June was arguably the biggest news event in Singapore this year, literally affecting the air people breathed. Many Singaporeans were choking and scrambling for N95 masks as air pollution levels soared to record highs. The haze, which was caused by the forest fires in Indonesia, disrupted the daily activities of many Singaporeans, discouraging many from engaging in outdoor activities.
Hailstorm hits western Singapore

News of hailstones falling in western parts of Singapore in late June, a week after the island struggled with soaring haze levels, prompted some people to wonder if the end was near. The rare hailstorm, which affected mainly Jurong and Bukit Batok, was recorded on video by many residents. According to a person recording one of the clips seen in this video, the hailstones felt like “agar-agar” jelly when touched and were not as cold as expected but “room temperature”.  The National Environment Agency (NEA) later confirmed that the hail was not caused by cloud seeding and that the rain was not toxic.
Riot in Singapore’s Little India after fatal bus accident

Video footage of the riot in Little India on 18 December, a Sunday, made people wonder if they were really seeing images of Singapore. The riot, the first in Singapore in more than 40 years, took place on Race Course Road and occurred following the death of a foreign worker in a bus accident. Since the incident, 53 rioters have been repatriated and 25 have been charged. 

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