Shopper bewildered after receiving ‘egregious’ packaging with Amazon order: ‘They sent it in two separate orders’

One Redditor was understandably upset recently when they placed an Amazon order and received a “prime” example of senseless waste.

Amazon has made big promises about helping the environment, including a recent push toward recyclable cardboard packaging instead of plastic. However, it has also backed out of many of its promises, like its pledge to make half its shipments carbon neutral by 2030.

It’s also notorious for wasteful shipping practices that needlessly take up space in delivery vehicles, increasing the number of trips made and the heat-trapping air pollution they generate.

“Special thanks to Amazon."
Photo Credit: u/wendyrx37 / Reddit

Now, it looks like Amazon has done it again. “Special thanks to Amazon: four packs of Kool-Aid,” said the frustrated Redditor, attaching a photo of their latest shipment.

The photo shows a full-sized box filled with dozens of plastic air pillows — which, being a plastic product, are nearly impossible to recycle and take decades or centuries to break down in the environment. At the very bottom of the box were four packets of watermelon Kool-Aid.

“I think they gave you Kool-Aid with your order of inflatable packaging,” said another Redditor in the comments.

But it gets worse. “Who orders four packs of Kool-Aid?” asked one incensed commenter.

“It was originally a dozen,” the original poster replied. “They sent it in two separate orders. The others were in a way smaller box…That should have been an envelope too.”

The post appropriately appeared in r/EgregiousPackaging, a subreddit dedicated to products sold or shipped with excessive and wasteful packaging. The community is in the top 5% of subreddits by size — demonstrating just how common this practice is.

This frustrating behavior by businesses generates trash that buyers have to deal with, and much of the plastic packaging ends up in the ocean, where it’s dangerous for sea life. That’s not to mention the wasted resources and extra pollution.

At best, all this extra packaging is annoying; at worst, it’s driving up the Earth’s temperature and polluting the environment.

Maybe next time, this Redditor will grab their Kool-Aid at a local store.

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