New and shorter “.id” domain will be available in Indonesia next year

New and shorter “.id” domain will be available in Indonesia next year

Next year, Indonesians will have to get used to a brand-new ending to web addresses that sounds really short and sweet. It’ll be ‘.id’. The new domain ending will go on sale as early as January 20. The domain name was approved a couple days ago by the highest internet domain name authority in Indonesia, the Forum Nama Domain Indonesia.

As with all new domain endings, the sale of ‘.id’ domains will commence in three phases. The first phase, which is called sunrise and goes on for three months, will prioritize trademark name owners in Indonesia to allow them get their hands on important homepage addresses.

Two months afterwards comes the second phase called grandfather, which lets owners of ‘’ or ‘’ sites buy the new ‘.id’ domains. Then starts the third phase: the landrush.

The second and third phases will happen between June and August next year. If name disputes happen, then the domain names will be auctioned to the respective parties.

On Indonesia’s independence day next year, August 17, ‘.id’ domains will be available to the general public, first come first served. The new domain ending will cost IDR 500,000 ($41) per year.

It is not yet revealed what requirements the buyers must meet in order to buy the shortest ‘.id’ domain ending. Longer ‘.id’ domains (of which there are 11 variations) have different rules in Indonesia. For example, the most popular ‘’ requires the buyer present a business permit and a tax identification number (NPWP), whereas you only need to present your national card if you want to buy a ‘’ domain.

The new ‘.id’ domain has the potential to surpass the longer ‘’ domain as the most popular local URL ending in Indonesia.

(Via Kompas, in Indonesian)

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