SIC2H19: How Compelling Would HKEX Make Its Offer To Win Over LSE?

Chan Yan Chong

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On 11 September 2019, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) announced a £29.6 billion cash-and-stock acquisition offer to  to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) to create an Anglo-Asian connectivity platform that benefits all of China, Hong Kong and the UK. HKEX CEO Li Xiaojia, said the deal was a “marriage of the century.” Should the two successfully merges, the expected market value will likely exceed US$70 billion.

However, on the third day upon receiving the offer, LSE’s board unanimously rejected the HKEX’s proposal. According to the LSE, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has always been its “preferred and direct channel to access the many opportunities with China and hence why the proposal is not in line with the strategic objectives.

Many people are also wondering if HKEX would be paying too high a price, which could impact on future profits. On the other hand, many also believe that the British government will strongly oppose this acquisition.

In his opinion, Dr. Chan believes that the HKEX bid must be attractive enough for LSE to consider the offer. On paying a sizeable premium, HKEX view is that it would be able to earn back in profits over the long haul. Considering that both exchanges are the world’s sixth and seventh largest bourses, the combined synergy would reap enough benefits to justify the high premium.

The merger, if successful, will not only benefit Hong Kong and Mainland China, but also the UK. Specifically, Chinese companies will find it easier to access the UK capital markets.

As such, the British government will still consider the merger proposal seriously. The critical factor would be how far HKEX would sweeten the deal. Everything has a price. 


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