Sigourney Weaver joins Neill Blomkamp's 'Chappie'

Sony Pictures announced that the "Alien" star will join Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman and Sharlto Copley on the cast of "Chappie," the latest project from the director who rose to international fame in 2009 with "District 9."

Neill Blomkamp has just begun filming "Chappie," which is expected to have a lighter tone than his latest feature, "Elysium," while remaining within the science-fiction genre. The film will depict the kidnapping of a police robot, Chappie, by two criminals.

The South African director's frequent collaborator, Sharlto Copley, will voice the film's robot protagonist, and the two criminals will be played by Yo-Landi Visser and Ninja, who are well-known in South Africa as the two members of the alt-rap group Die Antwoord. No details have been revealed on the roles to be played by Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman and Dev Patel.

For the time being, no release dates have been announced.