"Silent Witness" goes to film festivals

Heidi Hsia
"Silent Witness" goes to film festivals

19 Nov – It was revealed that Aaron Kwok's latest movie, "Silent Witness", has been selected for the 5th China Image Film Festival and the 1st London Chinese International Film Festival.

As reported on Sina website, the 48-year-old actor, who attended the movie's premiere screening on 14 November, was happy with the news and said that he is interested to personally promote the movie at the festivals.

While discussing the movie, Aaron also revealed that "Silent Witness" performed well in mainland China.

"The movie has already beaten "Unbeatable", "Inferno 3D" as well as "Special ID" at the box office and is only second to "Young Detective Dee"!"

When asked if he is elated about his movie's win over Donnie Yen's movie, Aaron humbly replied, "Don't say that. It is a healthy competition. When a movie is able to perform well, it's something to be happy about."

"Silent Witness" stars Sun Honglei as Lin Tai, a rich man whose bride was killed in an underground parking lot, and whose daughter becomes the primary suspect. He then hires top lawyer Zhou Li (Yu Nan) to defend his daughter, but getting a not guilty verdict is harder than it seems when prosecutor Tong Tao (Aaron Kwok), who is Lin Tai's enemy, is also on the case.