Silverstone 'body odour issue'

Alicia Silverstone reportedly upset fellow yogis with her foul body odour during a recent retreat.

The 36-year-old Clueless star enjoyed a weekend getaway at the We Care Spa in Palm Springs, according to America’s Us Weekly magazine.

Alicia, who reportedly refuses to wear deodorant, is said to have upset her yoga class with her body odour.

"She stank. It was especially noticeable during the yoga classes,” a source claimed.

The actress’s supposed friend tells the magazine that although she does bathe, Alicia declines to use hygiene products.

"Alicia is clean, but she is very New Age-y. She doesn't use deodorant and doesn't like to overbite and strip her body of its natural oils,” the insider said.

Alicia often talks about healthy and organic living on her blog The Kind Life, offering tips on everything from exercise to vegan hygiene and meal plans.

Last year, the actress blogged about her love for natural deodorants as an alternative to chemical-ridden commercial products she believes could cause serious health issues.

“Protecting your pits with natural deodorant is an easy way you can go green & healthy,” she wrote.

“Regular antiperspirants prevent your body's normal sweating function by blocking glands with aluminum molecules so small they can enter the blood stream. Though highly debated, it has been suggested that this might put you more at risk for breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Why be at risk when you could be kind to your body?”

Alicia most recently garnered controversy for beginning a breast milk exchange service on the site.

The Kind Mama Milk Share was born after a close friend struggled to breastfeed her newborn.

"Because of a breast reduction surgery she was unable to make enough milk for him, no matter how much precious boobie time they spent together,” Alicia wrote.

"She tried reaching out in her community for donor milk, but it was almost impossible to figure out what kind of lifestyle choices the donors had made.

"She had a right to demand better for her baby.”

Alicia then appeared to address warnings from the US Food and Drug Administration that unscreened donors could have viruses including HIV.

"It goes without saying that common-sense precautions should be taken,” she insisted.

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