Singapore #Fitspo of the Week: Georgina Poh

Strong is the new sexy and fitness is the new party. With society leaning towards health and fitness, Yahoo's #Fitspo of the Week series is dedicated to all inspirational women in Singapore leading active lifestyles. Know of any who deserve to be featured? Hit me up on and on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (cheryltaysg).

Photo by Cheryl Tay
Photo by Cheryl Tay


Georgina Poh (Instagram: @sugarrandspice)
Age: 22
Occupation: Undergraduate
Status: Attached
Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Diet: No particular diet as there is no need to restrict oneself from eating, so long as everything is in moderation
Training: 4-5 times a week of either one body part per day or full body routines of resistance and bodyweight training, as well as yoga, trail running, boxing and Muay Thai

What are your objectives for working out?

My objective for working out is to improve strength, abilities, flexibility and speed. I train to better myself in these aspects and it’s also my form of de-stress. I have pain in various parts of my body due to hypermobility syndrome – a condition where joints move beyond the normal range easily – and working out helps to distract me from the pain.

You have an incredible number of followers on Instagram (127k at this point). How influential do you think social media is in fitness these days?

I think social media really plays a huge part in fitness. It has the ability to influence and motivate people to work out as it makes it easier for people to look for information or inspiration.

Instagram has definitely played a role in the fitness scene, serving as a good platform for people to share their journey and experience, and in turn lead many to start leading healthier lifestyles.

What do you hope to achieve with such a big social media presence?

I hope I can help to encourage people to be more active and introduce fitness as a part of their lifestyle by showing that working out can be fun and for everyone.

Photo by Cheryl Tay
Photo by Cheryl Tay

How do you deal with negativity from others?

I used to be affected when people call me names or say things like “You have fat thighs”, especially when I was in secondary school. I did subconsciously go into a crazy diet of eating super little hoping that it will help me lose weight and in hindsight I admit it was quite stupid of me.

As my Instagram account started gaining more traction, I also received lots of comments and insults ranging from me being ugly, fat or even being too skinny. Whatever mean things you can think of, I basically had it all thrown at me before. It used to anger me and make me feel more self-conscious but I soon realised that it’s silly to let these things get to me. We can’t please everyone and if I can’t learn to love myself and accept my flaws, how can I expect others to love and accept me?

How confident are you about your body now?

I admit I’m not very confident about my body but it’s safe to say that hate comments don’t get to me anymore. I accept that my body isn’t the best and there are still tons of things I can improve on but I don’t need to hide my flaws.

Besides being afraid of getting bulky from lifting weights, what other misconceptions about fitness do people generally have?

Lots of people always think that girls who lift will look big and manly. I beg to differ as there are lots of girls who lift and still look really feminine! Another misconception is spot reduction and people often ask how to lose tummy fat. Spot reduction is a myth. You simply can’t just work on one area to lose fats. You need to treat your body as a whole. 

You post a lot of videos of your training. How do people respond to them?

They like how I have workouts that can be done without the use of equipment, such as the body weight ones and those that can be done at home. They also like how I give them new ideas for workouts, probably because I like changing things up once in a while!

What do you think of the fitness scene now and how do you intend to be part of it?

I’m actually a part-time personal trainer at the moment. I’m ACE and TRX certified. I’m also a Nike NTC Trainer and certified Ashtanga/Hatha yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance USA. Some may say that fitness is the “trend” now but I hope it’s not just a trend and that people are working out because of the endorphins they get after a good workout and the health benefits.

Photo by Cheryl Tay
Photo by Cheryl Tay
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