Singapore $10,000 replica gold and silver banknotes launched

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Replica $10,000 gold banknotes. (PHOTOS: Singapore Mint)
Replica $10,000 gold banknotes. (PHOTOS: Singapore Mint)

SINGAPORE — Replicas of the $10,000 ship & portrait fine gold and silver banknotes have been launched by the Singapore Mint.

In a media release on Wednesday (13 April), the Singapore Mint said the Singapore $10,000 banknotes are one of the world’s most valuable and sought-after banknotes.

Singapore stopped issuing the $10,000 banknote in 2014. The $10,000 banknotes remain legal tender and are one of the world’s largest denomination value banknotes in circulation.

The $10,000 ship series banknote featuring the general bulk carrier "Neptune Canopus" was first issued on 21 August 1989 while the $10,000 note from the portrait series was issued on 9 September 1999.

The replicas are available in two options, in 1g 999 fine gold foil ($178) and 8g 999 fine silver sheet ($58), with 2,000 pieces and 5,000 pieces available for the 1g gold and 8g silver respectively.

A set of 4-in-1 banknote replicas featuring the four designs of the $10,000 banknotes from the orchid, bird, ship and portrait series are also available.

 Prosperity koi auspicious coins. (PHOTO: Singapore Mint)
Prosperity koi auspicious coins. (PHOTO: Singapore Mint)

The Singapore Mint has also launched its latest prosperity koi auspicious coins. On both sides of the coin, 24k gold gilding is applied on the koi. The 1oz 999 fine silver coin, with a total of 388 pieces minted, is available at a promotional price of $138.

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