Singapore Airlines Investigates Claims Staff Were Rude to Passengers on Delayed Calcutta-Bound Flight

Singapore Airlines has said it is investigating complaints from passengers that its staff behaved rudely during a delay on board a flight from Singapore to Calcutta on Friday, June 8.

This video shows passengers arguing with a police officer who was subsequently called on board flight SQ516 while it was grounded at Singapore Changi Airport. In an accompanying Facebook post, she said she had been travelling from Brisbane, Australia, with her sister and parents when they were delayed in Singapore during a layover.

Sharing the video, she said the airline had taken “no responsibility” for the three hour delay. She said the plane had been due to take off at 9.10 pm local time but was delayed until past midnight due to technical problems on the ground.

She wrote: “We were on that plane for three hours with zero ventilation in super humid weather, with no way to get out, with a bunch of extremely rude cabin crew, and absolutely nobody helping to make the situation better. This was a traumatic experience not only for me and my senior citizen parents but for everyone on that plane.”

A spokesman for Singapore Airlines subsequently told Channel NewsAsia that it was investigating the incident.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers on board,” he said. "With regards to the online post, we take these claims seriously and will be looking into them thoroughly.” Credit: Chandni Doulatramani via Storyful