Singapore band robbed mid-tour in America, loses equipment, cash and recordings

Local band Forests recently embarked on a multi-city tour around America that would take them to places like Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas and more.

However, barely halfway through the tour, the band’s van was robbed in a hotel carpark and a bunch of their valuables were lost.

The math-rock outfit told Coconuts that the incident happened in the morning while they were staying in Hampton Inn Oakland-Hayward before their next show in Los Angeles at El Cid.

“The van was parked at the hotel carpark and when we were about to hit the road to the next destination in Sunset Boulevard, we found that some of our stuff was stolen like Darell’s (singer and bassist) bass,” they said.

The band touring with them, American emo rock band Ben Quad also lost equipment like a bass, guitar, their cashbox money and other personal belongings.

Forests are still scheduled to play 13 more shows before ending the tour in Queens, New York City.

The bands yesterday set up a GoFundMe page for donations – they’ve since met the US$6,000 target they needed but nothing can replace the sentimental value of some of the instruments lost.

Singer and bassist Darell Sungkono said that the reception in America has been amazing.

He added, “It’s been so good, we’ve really enjoyed seeing a fanbase grow in America and they were many requests for us to come and play on that side of the world so it’s really cool to finally be able to meet our followers here!”

Despite the unfortunate setback so early in the tour, the band are still in good spirits and still feel that “America rocks”.

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