Singapore celebs' social media recap: Week 15 - 21 Oct

22 Oct - Here's looking at the interesting things our celebrities were doing last week.

Romeo Tan shared a throwback photo of when he joined the Star Search 2010 competition.

In this photo taken by Qi Yuwu, even the camel is awestruck by how handsome he is.

George Young now understands that when you are a dad, there is never a privacy, even during a costume-fitting.

This photo Jesseca Liu shared when she was in Morocco is just too cool not to share.

Taufik Batisah took the opportunity to pose with Malaysian singer Anuar Zain while advertising the latter's Instagram account as well.

We are just so happy for Tan Kheng Hua and her new milestone, which she shared online recently.

Kym Ng shared this group photo with President Halimah Yacob at the President's Star Charity.

Pierre Png took to Instagram to express his thoughts about being married for 15 years to Andrea De Cruz.

He wrote, "May you never stop laughing, may you continue living life to the fullest and may you never EVER have to worry about anything! I love you and wanna thank you for always having my back!"