Singapore celebs' social media recap: Week 9 - 15 July

16 Jul - Here's looking at the interesting things our celebrities were doing last week.

We get it, Andie Chen. That's how we all feel about durian, especially the ones hanging so low that you feel like hugging them, thorns and all.



So, it seems that the conclusion to Andie Chen's durian-on-tree pose is wifey Kate Pang trying to open one with a samurai pose.



After seeing girlfriend DJ Kimberly Wang's perfect handrail hang, Shane Pow decided to try as well, though not as successful.



Bobby Tonelli is no skinny guy, but even he has to confess that he needs to lift heavier weights to get to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's size. Oh, you're amazing just the way you are.



Let's be jealous of Aloysius Pang, who got to experience first-hand the previous match between England and Croatia at the FIFA World Cup.



The ever-so gorgeous Vivian Lai took some time off to meet up with good friend Jeanette Aw, whom she hadn't seen for a long while.



Xu Bin couldn't help but express happiness for the birth of his first baby with wife Wang Yifei, even though the little one came 20 days too early. Congratulations to the couple!