Singapore comedian plays sports by himself in ‘Street Olympics’ video

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Last week, the ever-diligent citizen journalists of Singapore reported seeing a man swimming in the rather shallow but iconic Ngee Ann City fountain, for reasons unknown.


(YouTube grab)

But if they were more hard-working, they would have spotted the same person playing table tennis in a food court by himself – and right in front of a local nonchalantly tucking into his meal.


(YouTube grab)

Or better yet, they would have chanced upon his eye-popping rhythmic gymnastics routine at a traffic light, complete with ribbon and leotard.


(YouTube grab)


As it turns out, this sporting enthusiast is Haresh Tilani, the Singaporean behind YouTube comedy channel ‘Ministry of Funny’.

Tilani, an ex-national hockey player, released the above video on Monday and explained why he decided to participate in a ‘Street Olympics’ of his own.

"Since people don’t seem to care about sports anymore, I’m making the best of it by being sporty wherever I want. At this point there seems to be so much online hate towards local sports, despite the awesome achievements of our athletes, the most famous of whom is Joseph Schooling (who also got a lot of negativity directed towards him). So I just wanted to get my sentiments across about how I feel about the current situation. And what better way to do that then through a video, right?" 

Do you care more about sports now? Have Tilani’s theatrics convinced you to be nicer to local athletes? Will they inspire the government to host next year's SEA Games in the city streets, too?