In Singapore, You May End up Going to Jail for Forgetting to Flush a Public Toilet

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Each country has its laws, rules and regulations for its daily affairs. In many countries, even a small mistake is punished severely as per their laws. In Singapore, cleanliness at public places is one of the top priorities of the government. To ensure the cleanliness of public toilets, a heavy fine is imposed on people who do not flush after using the toilet in Singapore. Sometimes, harsh punishment is also awarded to such people to teach them a lesson of cleanliness.

Singapore is a colourful country and is well known for its cleanliness and if someone doesn’t flush the toilet after using it, he/she is asked to pay a fine of over $150, (approximately Rs 8000). Not just that, a person can also be sentenced to jail if they fail to pay the fine. The reason for such strict measures is to make everyone take cleanliness seriously. Tourists, who visit the country, are advised not to forget to flush.

It is advised to tourists and travellers to always find out about the local traditions and laws of the visiting place. In Singapore, a person can be fined for spitting, roaming around naked, and connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi. To avoid trouble, one should be aware of the rules and laws of the government regarding certain activities.

In addition to not flushing the toilet, it is illegal to sell chewing gum in Singapore. Chewing gum with certain medical properties can be sold as per the medical prescription for it. It is also illegal to irritate someone by playing a musical instrument. Influencing traffic by flying kites also attracts punishment in the country.

Putting out the leftover food to pigeons can also be fined. In Singapore, graffiti art is also banned on the walls, and urinating in public places can also attract fines.

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