Singapore influencer 'Mongabong' breaks into regional TV with travel show

Yeoh Mong Chin in Chiang Mai during filming of the first episode. (PHOTO: Lifetime Asia)
Yeoh Mong Chin in Chiang Mai during filming of the first episode. (PHOTO: Lifetime Asia)

With the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources recently engaging social media influencers for government campaigns, it seems that influencers are becoming more prominent in Singapore these days.

For influencer-turned-travel host Yeoh Mong Chin, it is apparent to her that influencers have now become “very, very influential” in Singapore.

“A lot of people, especially the young millennials we have these days, now turn to influencers as their source of information, news and tips,” Yeoh told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore at an event to celebrate her television debut last Thursday (12 July).

With over 151,000 followers on Instagram, the 25-year-old – also known by her social media moniker “Mongabong” – is the host of travel show Who Runs the World with Mong Chin, which starts airing on Lifetime Asia on 23 July.

The show will air in places including Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Papua New Guinea, the Maldives and Palau.

“I was ready to take on the challenge to let my personality show through the screen, which is very difficult to do,” Yeoh said.

The series will see Yeoh take part in a run in each of the six Southeast Asian countries she visits, which are Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

There, she will also explore unique locations that are off-the-beaten-track and meet individuals from all walks of life who are united by their love of running, music, food, fashion and more.

<span>Yeoh celebrating her television debut in Singapore on 12 July.</span> (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)
Yeoh celebrating her television debut in Singapore on 12 July. (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

“One of the biggest things I learnt from this show was how to convey my experiences, my emotions, my energy and saying it out in words, so that the viewers who are watching at home on TV can actually celebrate that moment with me wherever I am in whichever part of the world,” she said.

Yeoh started out as an influencer in 2012 and has been sharing her wisdom on lifestyle, beauty and fashion ever since.

She shared that she benefitted greatly from the influencer community prior to becoming an influencer herself.

“That’s where I learn all of my fashion tips like styling or make-up. I saw how it improved my skills and how sharing is really caring, so that’s why I am willing to do the same (in becoming an influencer),” said Yeoh, adding that she looks up to influencers such as Jenn Im, Chriselle Lim, Tati Westbrook, Xiaxue, Sophie Willocq and Rachel Wong.

“A lot of them (influencers) are starting to act in TV shows and dramas. And now there’s me, I’m hosting as well. So, the influence is pretty big and I think it’s moving quite fast,” she said.

Who Runs the World with Mong Chin airs on LIFETIME Asia (StarHub TV Ch 514, Singtel TV Ch 302) on Mondays at 9.30pm.

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