Singapore looks forward to working with new Malaysian govt: PM Lee Hsien Loong

Mahathir scored a shock election win in Malaysia. (Photo: Reuters)

Following Malaysia’s historic election result, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Singapore wishes Malaysia “all the best in its political development” and looks forward to working with the new government.

In a post on Facebook on Thursday morning (10 May), Lee said the outcome “represents a major change in Malaysian politics”.

Adding that the Singapore government is following the situation “closely”, Lee said, “As Malaysia’s closest neighbour, we have a vested interest in Malaysia’s stability and prosperity. While Malaysian politics are for Malaysians to decide, Singapore wishes Malaysia all the best in its political development.”

The Singapore government looks forward to developing a constructive relationship with the next Malaysian government, said Lee, without naming anybody in particular.

Mahathir Mohamad’s Pakatan Harapan coalition won 113 of the parliament’s 222 seats, defeating his protege Najib Razak’s Barisan Nasional coalition.

Parliament speaker Tan Chuan-Jin called the Malaysian election results “stunning”, saying that the Singapore government looks forward to working with the new Malaysian government and leaders to strengthen the relationship between both countries.

Tharman Shanmugaratnam described the result as a “clear vote for change”, saying, “[It] was across the board – Malays, Chinese, Indians and even the Dayaks in Sarawak. Wish Malaysia well, and hope we continue to work together for mutual good of our people.”


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