Singapore Mint to launch Stamford Raffles medallions and pre-independence Singapore banknote replicas

Stamford Raffles medallion series (PHOTO: Singapore Mint)

The Singapore Mint will launch for sale the Sir Stamford Raffles medallion series comprising four medallions this week in commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial.

In addition, the Singapore Mint will also introduce a series of $10,000 banknote replicas in gold and silver, tracing the currency history of pre-independence Singapore.

The items will be available at The Singapore Mint booth at the Singapore International Coin Fair from Friday to Sunday (22 – 24 March) at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Hall A.

The highlight of the medallion series is the 1oz 999 fine silver proof medallion with ultra-high relief minting and Swarovski crystal insert. The medallions are also available in 1⁄4 oz 999 fine silver, with a design depicting the past and present Singapore River.

Pre-independence Singapore banknote replicas (PHOTO: Singapore Mint)

During different periods of pre-independence Singapore, the currencies in use then included the Straits Settlement currency, the Malayan dollar, and the Malayan and British Borneo dollar.

The banknote replicas feature the $10,000 banknote, minted in 1g 999 fine gold, and 8gm 999 fine silver. A series of money bank featuring Straits Settlement coin designs are also available for purchase.