Singapore motorcyclist slides coolly after fall, Redditor honors with hilarious edit (Video)

After dashcam footage of a man sliding cooly through slippery roads went viral recently, a Redditor stepped up and turned it into an edit we never knew we needed.

Redditor Ilovezam clipped the motorcyclist and photoshopped him sliding into different scenes like Jurong East Station, the Great Wall of China, and even Mordor from The Lord of the Rings. The clip was also accompanied by popular meme music Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders.

“I made a thing to honour sliding motorcycle man,” the Redditor wrote in the post yesterday.

This came after the dashcam footage was posted on Saturday by Facebook group SG Road Vigilante that showed the motorcyclist skidding on his bum across Jurong Town Hall Road after a fall during a heavy downpour.

The motorcyclist just let the situation unfold by cooly sliding across the road without trying to stop. When his ride finally ended, he stood up and walked back seemingly unhurt to his bike.

The incident happened on Jan. 13 at around 3:46pm.

Of course, many trolls chimed in to joke about the incident with some saying that the man was still sliding to this day.

“I passed by Jurong East today, and this guy was still sliding,” Hhxlegacy wrote on YouTube.

“Legend has it that he is still Sliding,” Andy Gregory wrote on YouTube.

A Redditor called the edit a “quality shitpost” and another thanked OP for his service.

“Thank you. This was begging to be done. The meme-verse can rest in peace now,” Redditor Iamtheantihype wrote.

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