Singapore professionals and employers are adopting a skills-first mindset: LinkedIn

Also, the research reveals that 70% of local professionals plan to pivot to a new job function within the next three years.

Professionals in Singapore today are embracing and prioritising building up their skills over degrees to chart their career paths. Over six in 10 (62%) think there is less importance now on degrees being a prerequisite for jobs as compared to 20 years ago, according to research by LinkedIn.

More than three-quarters (79%) also believe that in the future, employers will value professionals with diverse skill sets and experiences over those who are specialised in a certain job function. This is in line with the reality of companies today preferring to hire candidates with technical skills (39%) and transferable skills (31%) over education (8%) and minimum years of experience (12%).

Besides that, professionals in Singapore were found to be more open to pursuing non-linear career paths. In fact, seven in ten plan to pivot into a new career or a role with a different job scope within the next two to three years. Embarking on a career pivot reflects a growing desire to pursue different dream jobs at various stages, with 72% of Singaporean professionals saying it is easier to change careers today as compared to 20 years ago.

When asked about the factors of career success, the majority of local professionals believe a strong network is more important in helping to secure a job today than in the last two decades. They also believe that networking will enable them to gain new ideas and perspectives, learn from experts, and strengthen business connections.

Those who have not leveraged active networking to create professional opportunities for themselves are investing in building and enhancing this skill set. LinkedIn research reveals that over 52% feel that networking is a skill they can learn over time, and 31% spend up to two hours a month on average to network to brush up in this area.

“The rapidly-evolving jobs landscape over the last 20 years has resulted in professionals approaching their careers with a new mindset. Professionals are recognising the value of diverse experiences and skill sets as the key to adaptability and standing out among the competition. There is no longer one single formula for career success, and more are actively pursuing purposeful careers on their own terms. To facilitate this, building a strong network and professional brand has become more crucial than ever. LinkedIn will continue to play a vital role in helping professionals shape their careers,” says Frank Koo, head of Asia, Talent & Learning Solutions at LinkedIn.

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