Singapore's #Fitspo of the Week: Limaran Agustina

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Photo by Cheryl Tay
Photo by Cheryl Tay

Name: Limaran Agustina (@limaranagustina)

Age: 29

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 55kg

Occupation: Freelance personal trainer

Status: Happily married

Diet: High in protein with few restrictions

Training: 6 times a week in the gym (different body parts each day)

Photo by Cheryl Tay
Photo by Cheryl Tay

Q: Would you go for plastic surgery?

A: I will if I get the chance to, to be honest. I mean, I wouldn’t mind being more voluptuous (my husband wouldn’t either)!

What attracts you most in a man?

Okay, apart from a man who works out, I really like men who have humour (not dirty humour!), wit, strong personality and a good value system.

After working out and attaining this body, ever thought of going further and competing?

Nah, I don’t need to join competitions or pageants to be motivated. Working out is passion and it keeps me alive.

Do you have any cravings during PMS?

Oh of course! Not just during PMS, I still love snacking, just snack smartly and in moderation!

Makeup during workouts - yes or no?

No, unless you are prepared to have clogged pores! I have tried it, working out right after a shoot and forgetting to bring a makeup remover. The feeling on the skin is horrible! Unless you have a shoot in the gym, I try to keep a makeup remover in my bag all the time so there is no excuse!

Any gym boo-boos or embarrassing encounters in general?

I used to feel really shy when I get caught taking videos of my workouts and gym selfies but not anymore.

Pet peeves in the gym?

Women who work out wearing normal bras, people who drop their weights loudly on purpose and those who do not return weights!

What are your secrets to looking good?

To be honest, there is no hidden secret to looking good. Everyone is different and unique. Every body works differently. Love yourself, respect others and moderation in feeding your body.

Who are your fitness inspirations?

Besides the cliché "my husband is my inspiration" (true story), the most browsed female fitness inspirations in my instagram feed will be Paige Hathaway and Lyzabeth Lopez.

As a trainer, what are some common misconceptions that men or women have about fitness?

Unfortunately, many women are still hesitant to start working out and to do weight training because they are so afraid to build muscles. Even for men who don’t work out, they think likewise and discourage their partners and spouses against working out.

The other common misconception is that many people still do not know that muscles and fats are non-convertible! They often use that as an excuse to not start working out with the fear that their "muscles" will turn saggy and into fats when they stop working out.

What are some tips you have for others who want to get in shape?

You've got to learn to understand your body well, love your body and then do what is best for your body. Start slow and gradual, be consistent and never give up just because you don’t see progress! Consistency is KEY!

Photo by Cheryl Tay
Photo by Cheryl Tay