Singapore, soon your four-legged friend will be able to join you on an Uber ride

Anisa Menur

Uber will launch UberPET on Friday, making Singapore the first city in Asia to see the launch of such service

Global ride-hailing giant Uber today announced that it is set to launch its new service UberPET in Singapore on Friday.

UberPET is an option for Uber users in the country to travel with their pets on-board.

All pets on-boarding the UberPET service must be accompanied by their humans though, so we cannot expect any Homeward Bound (1993)-like adventures for our cats and dogs yet.

The service is also meant for household pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, birds in cages and fish in bowls or plastic bags. So, nope, the crocodile might have to stay at home.

Uber drivers who have signed up for this service are aware that they will be travelling with an extra four-legged passengers on board.

Users are allowed to travel with one pet, though bringing more than one pet might be possible at the discretion of the driver. Users with guide dogs are also able to use other Uber services and not limited to UberPET.

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Being the first Asian city where the service is launched, Uber said that it is launching the service in the country following feedback from their own users.

“We’ve heard feedback from riders that it can be a challenge to get a ride with their pet, as certain modes of transport do not allow animals to travel on board. In addition, we understand there are situations where drivers are not comfortable ferrying animals,” the company explained in a press statement.


Strait Times has also reported that more people in Singapore are adopting pets into their household. By 2016, there are already 824,600 pets in the country, starting from 816,000 pets in 2014.

“As the number of pets grow in each household, there is also a demand for pet-related services and we see this as an opportunity to offer services that is in need in the Singapore market,” the company added.

UberPET trips are being priced the same as UberX, with an additional S$2 booking fee. As part of the launching event, the booking fee will be waived until December 31.

Image Credit: Uber

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