Singapore teen slays cover of Charles & Keith campaign after getting dragged for calling brand ‘luxury’

Is Charles & Keith a luxury brand? Ask Zoe Gabriel.

Earlier this year, Singapore TikTok blew up after Zoe became the target of trolls who made fun of her for calling the brand ‘luxury’.

“Who’s gonna tell her,” read one of the comments in response to a video of Zoe celebrating a bag her dad bought for her with his hard-earned money.

But the teen is the one having the last laugh now – she’s the new face of the brand’s International Women’s Day campaign.

In an Instagram post, Zoe shared some images of the campaign and her own words about International Women’s Day.

“Women are like flowers: our time and needs to grow may not always align, but that is okay. We are like fields of poppy and lakes of lotus – diverse and bold in our differences, beautiful in our own ways. This International Women’s Day, let us celebrate with compassion. Let us celebrate with equality through equity, the way flowers do.” she wrote – the ‘compassion’ bit perhaps a nod to the whole trolling incident.

On top of that, Zoe was definitely serving looks and looking very sleek and chic in the campaign photos while sporting a lilac satchel-style handbag.

It seems the trolls have been vanquished as the whole online community appeared happy for her, with most congratulating her on the campaign and saying that it was well-deserved.

The brand told Coconuts in January that “A community that shows kindness and compassion is exactly what the world needs today and what the brand stands for.”

Good on them for delivering the happy ending to this saga that we all needed to see!

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