Singapore tenant slapped with 75% rent increase but landlord said he is giving her a ‘discount’ for being a ‘good tenant’ (Video)

Horror stories surrounding surging rental prices in Singapore are becoming the talk of the town this year and this tenant’s experience just proved them right.

TikTok user Sal (@salshoult) on Tuesday posted her frustration with her landlord who increased her rent by 75% and told her that it was actually a discount since he would rent it on the open market at a 100% increased rate if she did not renew.

“We’ve just been informed by our landlord that he’s only going to increase our rent by 75%, *scoffs* great news!” said sarcastically.

“I’m reliably informed that it is an excellent deal because if we choose not to accept, he’s going to put it onto the open market at a 100% increased rate, uh so really he’s giving us a 25% discount … so generous of him!” she added.

@salshoult It’s my turn to feel the burn of the SG rental market! #sgexpats #sgrent ♬ original sound – Sal

And yes, she will be “moving out,” she said.

In the comments, Sal explained that the landlord told her she was getting the discount for being a “good tenant”, noting that she had lived in the house for four years, never missed a single rent payment, kept the house in “good condition” and was a low maintenance tenant.

“It was the “but you’re getting a discount for being a good tenant” that was the real kicker. What a guy,” she wrote.

Commenters called the insane hike “disgusting” and said that it was a “day light robbery.”

According to reports, the surge in rental prices recently has forced some working in Singapore to move back home.

Channel News Asia reported at least a 21% increase in all neighborhoods for 4-room flats throughout 2022.

The Urban Renewal Authority also recorded a 29.7% increase in Singapore’s average monthly rent in the central region last December.

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