Singapore TikTok user nails full face makeup (including eyeliner) on a speedboat

A Singapore TikTok user has proven her mad makeup skills after attempting to put on a full face of makeup while on a speedboat.

Unbiden on Sunday uploaded her latest makeup challenge where she showed off her talent (and incredibly steady hands) by doing her makeup including drawing her brows, curling her eyelashes and even drawing eyeliner, all on a bumpy speedboat ride.

“Challenge accepted,” Unbiden wrote. “Drawing eyeliner on a speedboat. What’s next ..?”

@unbiden Replying to @Rhib Rides Singapore Drawing eyeliner on a speedboat. Whats next ..? @Rhib Rides Singapore #sglifestyle #sggiveaway ♬ RATATA – Skrillex & Missy Elliott & Mr. Oizo

The video, which has over 300,000 views, showed the user putting on a brightening mask against strong winds followed by more skincare and makeup where she patted down foundation, concealer and blush among others, with her lifejacket on.

Everything seemed easy peasy until it came down to the eyeliner to finish off her look.

“Honestly, this felt impossible, but you know me, an overachiever, always,” she wrote in the caption.

While she had to redo the eyeliner on her left eye, she still nailed drawing the wing in the end.

“Easy ladies,” she boasted.

She then walked off the boat feeling accomplished with her full face of makeup.

Unbiden recently gained TikTok fame by doing her makeup in public places like on the bus, trains and in restaurants.

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