Singapore to match Malaysia’s RM20 road charge soon: Khaw

Johor Bahru causeway. AFP file photo
Johor Bahru causeway. AFP file photo

Singapore will match the RM20 road charge imposed by Malaysia soon, said Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan in Parliament Monday (9 January).

Almost RM14 million ($4.48 million) was collected from Singapore-registered vehicles from 1 November to 20 December last year since Malaysia introduced the RM20 ($6.45) road charge.

Khaw was responding to a question from MP of Jurong GRC Ang Wei Neng about the estimated amount of road charges paid by Singapore vehicles to Malaysia since Kuala Lumpur implemented the levy on 1 November 2016.

“We have a long-standing policy of matching any levy, tolls or fees charged by Malaysia for using the road links between Singapore and Malaysia. This is to ensure that Malaysia takes into consideration our response whenever they raise their tolls or levies. We will therefore match Malaysia’s road charge,” said Khaw.

Details of the matching charge will be announced soon, added Khaw.

On the impact of the road charge since its introduction, Khaw said the difference in the number of Singapore-registered vehicles going to Malaysia was “not noticeable”.

“Regardless of whether it goes up or goes down, you know our policy,” said Khaw.

Including the new road charge, the total cost of a return trip to Malaysia is about $19 for Singapore drivers.

Last year, Singapore’s Ministry of Transport had said it will match the road charge “in some form” if the charge is deemed discriminatory against Singapore-registered vehicles.