Singapore TOP100 winners show why Southeast Asian startup scene is the world’s best


Wika Media and StaffAny are like your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, providing help for the ‘little guy’s we know

Yesterday, 110 startups descended on WeWork and fought gallantly to be crowned TOP100 champions of the Singapore leg. They had three minutes to capture the hearts of the judges.

After an intense afternoon, Wika Media and StaffAny emerged victorious as the 2019 TOP100 winners for Singapore.

The Judges’ Choices awardees have been presented with a free booth at e27’s Echelon Asia Summit from May 23-24, 2019. But while they have won the battle, the war is not over. At Echelon, they will be but one of many competitors pitching for over S$100,000 worth of prizes.

Let’s dive a bit more into the two winning pitches that claimed the top spots:

Wika Media

Founded by Roland Benzon and Vic Icasas, a studio owner and a software developer, Wika enables media companies to extend their reach by making their content understandable in more languages.

Their hardware allows spoken, written, and even signed communications to be calibrated to the user’s preference. For example, if you are Vietnamese and you don’t speak a lick of English, you can still indulge in an episode of FRIENDS with syncronised Viet subtitles or dubbing.

So far, Wika has engineered three products to help fracture the language barrier. GlassSign is a pair of smart glasses designed to display video-synchronised sign language or captions for the hard of hearing.

DubHub, on the other hand, is a nifty app that delivers synchronised dubbing in the user’s preferred language. Its set-top box counterpart Subhub takes any input video an overlays the preferred subtitles.

The two-man team aims to aid media companies in gaining and retaining viewers — creating a world of understanding.


Co-founded by Janson Seah, Jeremy Hon, Lee KaiYi and Eugene Ng, StaffAny integrates HR and ops management software for oversee hourly workers.

The app guarantees both employee and employer increased accountability, control of the team on-the-go, and easy integration of schedules.

Since its incorporation in January 2018, StaffAny has experienced exponential growth in its deployment — growing 25 per cent per month. As of February 2019, the app has been deployed in 51 companies and has a projected 6x LTV:CAC ratio.

In the near future, the company sees itself as a solution to unsolvable problems like payday loans, shift-based hiring, performance-based resumes, part-timer insurance and blockchain.

In essence, the future of work.

Being a hero is about helping the little guy; the average joe. Congratulations to all who qualified! Look out for e27’s other roadshows happening around Southeast Asia.

The qualifiers

For 22 other startups, the dream is not over. They have qualified for TOP100 at Echelon and have an opportunity at that prize! The qualified companies are as follows:

  • Aspire
  • BeamAndGo Pte Ltd
  • Codomo Pte Ltd
  • Glee Trees Pte. Ltd.
  • H3 Dynamics
  • iwonder
  • Keyless Technologies Ltd.
  • Neurobit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • NEUTO Pte Ltd
  • NewCampus
  • Nodis Pte Ltd
  • Pitchspot
  • Prime Respi
  • RenGlobe Tech Solutions Pte. Ltd (RGTS)
  • SenzeHub
  • ShopJJ
  • SmartPeep
  • Spark Systems Pte Ltd
  • Thesocialdataco Pte Ltd
  • Universe Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Unscrambl Inc.
  • Untangle AI

Photos by David Boot of e27.

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