Singapore TV Host Lee Teng Got Engaged In A Super Cosy Home Marriage Proposal

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Amid news of the COVID-19 outbreak, some positive news: Lee Teng marriage proposal was a success.

Taiwanese-born television host Lee Teng, announced on his Instagram yesterday evening (24 March) that his marriage proposal to his non-celebrity girlfriend, Gina Lin is a success.

lee teng marriage proposal

The pair first announced their relationship in public on Valentine’s Day last year. | Photo: leeteng0530 / Instagram

Both are born in Taiwan and based in Singapore.

Lee Teng Marriage Proposal: Love is in the air

Pictures from the 35-year-old’s Instagram showed that the marriage proposal was held in a simple setting, yet with elaborate decor.

lee teng marriage proposal

Lee Teng Marriage Proposal: He went all out with the decorations, flowers and balloons during the marriage proposal. | Photo: leeteng0530 / Instagram

There were many love balloons and petals arranged at the warm and cosy home, coupled with a large “MARRY ME” lighted display at the forefront. 

“A simple and warm little surprise,” captioned Lee Teng in his post. “Please advise me in the next half of my life which I will be entrusting to you.” 

On why he chose to propose to his 28-year-old girlfriend of one-and-a-half years in this cosy setting, Lee Teng revealed it all in an interview with saying: “She’s not from showbiz, so she doesn’t like settings that are too large-scale. She’d also feel awkward if I made the proposal overly grand or fancy.”

For the same reason, Lee Teng has also tried to refrain from exposing too much of his relationship with Gina to the public as he did not want her to feel burdened.

Lee Teng Marriage Proposal: No details on marriage yet

The pair had only gone public with their relationship last February despite being together since October 2018, with dating in view of marriage, admitted Lee Teng to 8 Days. 

According to Lee Teng, while the proposal was planned a few months back, even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Even so, there are no confirmed plans on when they will register or hold their marriage yet.

Lee Teng however, shares that he hopes to get married before he hits 4o years old, according to Chinese Daily Zaobao, only that it is difficult for him to set a date. 

He says that he will only share further details with the public once it is confirmed.

Seven-year itch

The pair mentioned about a “seven-year itch” in both their Instagram posts, which led many to wonder if it was a seven-year courtship that the couple went through. 

“Seems like the 7-year itch is real.” | Photo: leeteng0530 / Instagram

“Ended the 7-year itch, now on to the next stage of my life.” | Photo: ginalin__ / Instagram

While Lee Teng said that the seven-year itch is true, he addressed the confusion of a seven-year courtship to 8Days.

It had only meant that Lee Teng and Gina were first introduced seven years ago in 2013. The person who brought them together was Lee Teng’s younger sister who played cupid for them.

“Because she wanted to watch a real-life drama unfold in front of her eyes,” said Lee Teng. 

Celebs and Fans sent in their Congratulations

And as soon as the announcement was made, fellow celebrities and fans of Lee Teng sent in their heartiest congratulations to the couple.

Fellow celebrity friends of Lee Teng and fans who sent their well wishes to the couple. | Photo: leeteng0530 / Instagram

Congratulations to the couple! 

lee teng marriage proposal

You can view Lee Teng’s full post here: 

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