Worker who pushed man into drain for not helping him up jailed six weeks

Wan Ting Koh
(Getty Images file photo)

SINGAPORE — Upset that a fellow construction worker did not help him up when he fell, a man pushed the worker into a nearby drain.

The Bangladeshi victim, who had been watching a movie on his phone, fell backwards into the drain where he fainted and broke his big toe. 

Indian national Muthu Nagarajan, 35, was jailed six weeks on one count of committing a rash act resulting in grievous injury, which he pleaded guilty to on Wednesday (15 January). 

On 28 April last year, along 9 Tagore Lane in the Thomson area, the victim sat on a concrete piece near the drain at about 10.45pm watching a movie on his mobile phone. 

Muthu exited his dormitory to sit near the victim. As he was drunk, he lost his balance and fell. The victim did not notice his fall. 

After Muthu got on his feet, he confronted the victim for not helping him. The victim replied that he was watching a movie and did not notice Muthu. 

Angered, Muthu pushed the victim on the chest with both hands, causing the 32-year-old man to fall backwards into the 0.55m-deep drain. Muthu did not help the victim out. The drain was 1.13m wide with a height of 1.35m, when measured with the concrete slab. 

The victim fell unconscious and woke up five minutes later. He was helped out of the drain by another passerby. He then called the police and sought treatment at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

As a result of the fall, he suffered bruises on his head, and injured his spine and neck. He also sustained minor abrasions to his feet and a fracture in his left big toe, which was placed in a buddy splint. He was discharged with an appointment for further treatment, medication and 14 days of medical leave. 

The victim returned to the hospital for back pain on 1 May. 

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