Singaporean Ivy Lim catches the world’s first Pokemon Master job


Photo of Ivy Lim: Funzing Singapore

Singaporean Ivy Lim has managed to “catch ‘em all” to become the world’s first Pokemon Master, after beating more than 5,000 applicants for the job.

Earlier this month, Funzing Singapore advertised for the job on its Facebook page. The event marketplace was swamped with more than 1,000 applications from around the world in just one day after it placed the advertisement.

Lim, a 22-year-old freelance model and deejay, will earn $1,000 a month to organise Pokemon Go events and teach the game to participants for at least three months. Gabriel Nimrod, Country Head of Funzing Singapore, told Yahoo Singapore on Tuesday (23 August) that Lim will start work next month and organise one event per week.

When asked why Lim was chosen to be the Pokemon Master, Nimrod said, “She is a big fan of Pokemon Go and plays the game a lot. Moreover, she has good ideas about organising Pokemon Go events. Funzing Singapore will discuss with Ivy to finalise the events.”

Details of the first Pokemon Go event in Singapore organised by Funzing Singapore will go online in early September, Nimrod said.

Around 3,000 applications were from Singapore, with the rest from countries such as the UK, Israel, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Sweden, Nimrod added.

Speaking to Yahoo Singapore on Tuesday, Lim said she is thrilled to clinch the “dream job” as she is a big fan of the Pokemon anime series.

“I didn’t know that the job of Pokemon Master exists. I have always wanted to train alongside with friends to catch Pokemon in real life, just like in the Pokemon shows,” Lim said.

Since the launch of Pokemon Go in Singapore on 6 August, Lim said that she has been playing the game at least four hours daily. Currently, she is at Trainer Level 23 and has caught 121 Pokemon characters.

Lim said she has been walking all over Singapore in her pursuit of Pokemon, from attractions in the city area as Marina Bay Sands and The Esplanade to housing estates in Hougang and Tampines.

Speaking to Yahoo Singapore last month, Eran Alon, co-founder and CEO of Funzing, said that he is open to recruiting more Pokemon Masters, depending on the response to the inaugural Pokemon Go events.

Launched in January this year, Funzing Singapore is Funzing’s fourth global marketplace after Tel Aviv, London and Manchester. The marketplace lets people sign up for paid or free activities ranging from tours, lectures to workshops.