Singaporean PR behind Penang nude games surrenders

A screen capture of the video showing a group of so-called 'naturists' participating in the 'Malaysia-International Nude Sports Games 2014 Extravaganza' in Penang.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 — Albert Yam, a Singaporean permanent resident (PR) wanted by police for his role behind the headline-grabbing nude games in Penang earlier this month, has turned himself in.

Southwest district police chief Superintendant Lai Fah Hin confirmed Yam’s surrender with Malay Mail Online today, adding that the police were working getting a remand order for the middle-aged man who had uploaded a video recording of the naked sports participants on the internet, triggering a public storm.

Singapore’s Sunday Times reported today that the former cook of Malaysian citizenship had promised he would be return to Penang yesterday (Saturday) and turn himself in to the police there.

“Please accept our apology for our misconduct in Penang and the embarrassment we have caused the country,” the father of three girls was quoted saying.

Prior to Yam’s surrender, six people who took part in the Penang nude beach sports festival turned themselves in, including a former Gerakan woman politician from Kedah, Chew Tok Hwa, said to have organised the event .

Seven out of 18 people are Malaysians with four Singaporeans, two Myanmar nationals and one each from the Philippines and India.

The case is being investigated under Section 509 of the Penal Code for gestures intended to insult the modesty of a person which carries a jail sentence of up to five years or fine or both upon conviction.

Yam told the paper he, and the others who took part in the Penang event, had paid a monthly fee of RM80 to Chew to be in her nudist club.

The now jobless man, a member of a Singaporean “naturist” group SgNudClub, also said his group had planned a gathering next month but has since cancelled the event due to the recent scandal.

“The others in the forum blame me for the cancellation,” he was quoted saying.

Said to be in his 50s, Yam has previously uploaded videos of himself and others in the buff previously at various spots in the island republic and Perth, according to the report.

In a Facebook interview with Malay Mail Online earlier this month, Yam said the nude sports festival in Penang was not sexual in nature and was meant to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Yam told the Singapore paper that he has deactivated his social media accounts and removed all his videos.

A video clip showing some 18 people participating in events like body painting and outdoor activities on a secluded beach in the nude at the Penang National Park, went viral recently leading to a huge uproar.

The event is believed to be held on May 31 this year at a secluded beach in Teluk Kampi at the park in Teluk Bahang here.

Penang police chief Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi told a news conference the same group had organised another nudist event at a durian orchard in Balik Pulau the next day.