Singaporean seriously injured in Batam pier collapse underwent surgery for broken ankle

One of two Singaporeans seriously injured in the pier collapse in Indonesia’s Batam had surgery for a broken ankle, a government official said Saturday.

The unnamed victim was one of 26 Singaporean colleagues from Yayasan Mendaki, a government-linked Malay Muslim advocacy nonprofit, who fell into shallow water after part of a pier at a popular resort collapsed. As of this past weekend, the pair remain hospitalized with one requiring surgery. 

Selfie-strained Batam pier splinters, sending Singaporeans into sea

I visited two of MENDAKI Singapore employees who were being treated in Changi General Hospital (CGH),” government minister Zaqy Mohamad said in a statement. “Glad to know that they are taking it in their stride despite the unfortunate circumstances.”

The pair with serious injuries were ferried back to the city-state the next day in a wheelchair and stretcher. The other 24 Singaporeans, among others who fell when part of a wooden pier at the Montigo Resorts collapsed, escaped with minor injuries. 

Zaqy, the minister of state for manpower and national development, visited the patients together with hospital CEO Lee Chien Earn and Rahayu Buang, the CEO of Yayasan Mendaki. Zaqy is also the deputy chairman of Yayasan Mendaki.

The employees were staying at the resort as part of a Yayasan Mendaki retreat.

“One of them had just undergone surgery for her broken ankle and is on the road to recovery, while the other is still under observation … My well wishes to our recovering colleagues and I look forward to their speedy recovery,” he said.

Zaqy did not elaborate on the other victim’s condition, but earlier reports said one of those seriously injured in the incident suffered a broken rib.

The 26 Singaporeans were taking a group photo in a “concentrated area” on the pier leading to its collapse, resort management told Coconuts Singapore, countering a police official’s reported claim that the pier had given way solely due to its age. 

The Singaporeans were then rescued by resort staff and taken to hospital. Twenty-four were soon discharged. 

Photos and videos by Indonesian media showed some walking back to shore with difficulty. One scene showed what looked like a Singaporean woman being brought out of a hospital in a wheelchair.

The pier last had a maintenance check in April, followed by further checks to replace planks or touch up on those that had chipped. It’s now closed for repairs.



Selfie-strained Batam pier splinters, sending Singaporeans into sea

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