Singaporean woman faces 15 years on Bali for cocaine hidden in passport: customs

A Singaporean woman was among six foreign nationals allegedly caught with drugs on Bali since last month, Indonesian officials announced yesterday. 

One of six people accused of carrying drugs since early November, Ruth Tan En Yi was arrested Nov. 14 after an airport immigration officer reportedly found 350 milligrams of cocaine hidden inside her passport. 

Due to the very small amount of narcotics, she will not face the death penalty if convicted. 

Multiple Indonesia media outlets have identified Tan, also referred to by the initials RTEY, as a 25-year-old working in the finance industry. 

Allegations she chose her passport of all places to stash her stash struck some as peculiar.

“Of all places, why she chose to hide the drugs in her passport,” John Dumas wrote on Facebook.

Singapore’s foreign affairs ministry today told reporters they were aware of Tan’s case and that the embassy in Jakarta was rendering consular assistance. 

The other foreigners arrested were a Thai man, a Swiss man, two Hong Kongers, and a Chilean.

The Thai, identified by Bali Puspa News as 36-year-old Phonlapat Kaewpatnusakul, was allegedly found with nearly 20 grams of marijuana in his underwear on Nov. 6.

The Swiss man, said to be 45-year-old Rahael Hoang, was caught two days earlier with 30 grams of weed in his luggage.

The Chilean, Pablo Martin Vergara Varas, 57, was busted Nov. 27 with a reported 77.3 grams of liquid speed.

Hong Konger Man Chun Kwok, 19, was arrested last week for allegedly attempting to smuggle 4 kilograms of crystal meth inside dog food packaging. 

The other Hong Kong resident, a 45-year-old man referred to by the initials PKH, was arrested Dec. 4 with 3.2 kilos of speed in his luggage, according to

If convicted, the five men face either the death penalty or life imprisonment, while the Singaporean could be jailed five to 15 years, Bali’s reported.

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