Singaporeans find loophole by filling up giant goblets for S$1 in bubble tea BYOB promo (Video)

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A bubble tea brand said customers could bring any bottle and this TikTok user served.

When local tea chain LiHO said they were offering S$1 tea deals for anyone who brings in a reusable bottle on Saturday, TikTok user Stevenangtp brought a giant wine glass that seems like it could hold close to one liter of liquid.

The clip showed workers at the Bugis+ outlet making batches to fill a glass. At the end, there were three full glasses and beaming customers.

The promotion, which asked customers to show the brand how “creative” they could be, only offered the brand’s signature Da Hong Pao Tea.

Stevenangtp said none of it was wasted as they shared it between 15 friends.

But some users somehow got offended (maybe jealous) and questioned their motives.

Others were upset that they had to wait really long because of them.

Stevenangtp had to step in to remind users that this campaign welcomes customers to abuse the promotion.

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