Singapore’s Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre to close after Valentine’s Day service

Singapore’s Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre closes after final day of service on Valentine’s Day (PHOTO: Facebook / Restaurant Andre – Official)

The Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre will close for good after serving its final customers on Valentine’s Day (14 February).

The restaurant will bid farewell with a 10-minute video that pays tribute to the restaurant’s staff while also offering a sneak peek into what’s next for its owner, famed chef Andre Chiang.

The charming and heartfelt video was posted on YouTube two days ago showing the 41-year-old chef having what appeared to be a final meeting with his restaurant staff, and sharing teary hug with his wife, who revealed that they had opened and closed the restaurant on their wedding date.

“I enjoy seeing happy faces when people enjoy my food. Do I need more? Maybe not,” said the chef, who also mentioned that having a restaurant was like “having an OCD” due to the amount of perfection required in the cooking and presentation of the food as well as in creating the right ambience, among other factors.

Restaurant Andre, which opened in 2010, is located at Bukit Pasoh Road. (Photo: Restaurant Andre – Official/Facebook)

Chiang, who has been in the culinary industry for 30 years – including two decades spent in France – said that while he travels around the world a lot for work, he finds himself clueless when it comes to the foods of his hometown: Taiwan.

“I want to go back to where I started in many ways. I want to go back to my roots of being a chef. I want to study ingredients, seasons, about Taiwan. The landscape, the beauty of it,” he said in the video.

He also hopes to contribute to the culinary industry in Taiwan by helping young aspiring chefs to achieve their dreams.

Restaurant Andre opened in 2010, garnering Michelin-star ratings while also reaching the No.2 and No.14 in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Watch the video below:

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