Singer Joey Yung slammed online for wearing face mask amidst ongoing protests in Hong Kong

Sylvia Looi
Hong Kong singer Joey Yung has come under fire over a selfie that showed her wearing mask. Fans from China were not too happy about the photo accusing Yung of supporting an independent Hong Kong. — Photo via Instagram/ yungchoyee

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 — An innocent selfie by Hong Kong singer Joey Yung while wearing a face mask has riled up fans from mainland China.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Yung’s picture was flagged by an internet user as Yung wanting an independent Hong Kong.

The situation got so bad that Yung, who took the picture while on a flight, was even removed from a gala event in China yesterday.

An angry internet user demanded Yung to explain the reason why she was wearing a mask.

“Are you supporting the protesters in Hong Kong? If you are against China, please do not come to China to perform.”

Other internet users accused Yung of only wanting to earn money from China but hoped to see an independent Hong Kong.

“There must be a bottom line”, “Those who support an independent Hong Kong get out”, “Please state your stand on FB and IG”, “Leave China”, “Denise Ho has more backbone. At least she does not earn Renminbi and show her stand. Your actions only anger both sides” are among the angry comments left by internet users.

Protesters in Hong Kong have been wearing facemasks, defying a ban by the government on the use of facemasks at protests and public assemblies.

A check on Yung’s official Instagram page found that the offensive picture had been removed.

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