Singer Stacy slammed online for ‘tiger show’ in fashion fail (VIDEO)

Melanie Chalil
Dubbed Malaysia’s dancing queen, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to address the negative comments. — Screengrab from YouTube/TV9 Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, Sept 23 — Social media users panned singer Stacy for her performance in last night’s Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH).

The Sabahan singer-songwriter who is known as Malaysia’s dancing queen, came under fire for wearing a lace jumpsuit that many claimed was too sexy during her performance.

Social media users did not waste time in playing fashion police, with many saying the 29-year-old’s outfit made her look like a “tiger show” performer.

For the uninitiated, tiger shows are sex shows found in Thailand, commonly performed for tourists by exploited women.

Stacy’s appearance was also labelled “embarrassing” and “scary”.

“Looks like tiger show concert, she looks naked, please cover the front,” commented Mahera Danea on Facebook.

“It’s like she’s not even guilty to appear naked,” added Acik Mat.

“I’m embarrassed to see Stacy singing with that outfit that looks like I don’t even want to say it,” said Siti Junaidah.

The singer, whose real name is Stracie Angie Anambefore changing it to Ummu Syaikhah Stacy Anam after converting to Islam, has since responded to the negative comments on Instagram.

She explained that what took place last night was unforeseen and her pants’ nude-tone did not work in her favour.

“Everyone has days where unexpected and unwanted things happen, right? That happened to me.

"The material for my pants was thick and loose but the colour was yellow. I didn’t expect the stage lighting coupled with my movements that it would end up looking like something else,” she explained in a post earlier this morning.

The mother of two also warned social media users to not go overboard with their comments.

“I have a husband and family but that’s the nature of this line of work where there are risks,” Stacy said.

Adding salt to the wound, Stacy was also called a ‘woman of the end of time’ (wanita akhir zaman) by religious critics who believed women wearing revealing clothes was a sign of the apocalypse.

“I was so confident in entertaining people with all my energy but it was the contrary. Can’t make mistakes. One mistake and I’m labelled ‘wanita akhir zaman’,” she said.

The singer concluded her message on Instagram by saying all she wanted was to earn a living and asked haters to leave her husband out of the incident.

“I advise you to not look at things that hurt your eyes because it’s not good. I’m sorry if I made you feel compelled to slander me or think ill of me,” said Stacy.

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